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Website Redesign

The world is changing every day. We explore new inspiring ideas, seek to change the way people approach their day-to-day living, create products and services to revolutionize the market. Use your website to keep one step ahead of your competitors. But website managing and maintaining is not about updating your website regularly with quality content only. The look and feel of a website can tell a lot about your company. Website renovation and redesign can help your company maximize the opportunities it has.

Services We Provide
  • Website Modernization
  • Website Platform Change
  • New Design
  • Viruses and Spamware Removing
  • Mobile Version Building
  • Integration with Other Software / Services
  • Introducing New Features
  • Optimization & Scaling
Benefits of a Website Redesign
01 Quality Design

Quality design builds trust and credibility! Updating your website design will establish trust and present itself as credible to turn visitors into loyal customers.

02 Clarity

Website navigation allows visitors to flow from page to page without frustration, but over time, the website gets overloaded with pages, navigation becomes confusing, and calls to action are lost. Website redesign helps to streamline the website structure and create effective calls to action.

03 Mobile Optimization

The website redesign is a great way to stay up-to-date with new technologies. Having decided to redesign your website, you can configure it for mobile users. You can create either separate pages or a smartphone and tablet-optimized website.

04 Automation

With the Internet that has turned our existence upside down the world is changing every day. Now it is a multidisciplinary tool enabling individuals to communicate with one another, create educational and entertaining content, sell and buy goods, etc. But website managing and maintaining is not about updating your website regularly with quality content only. Use every possibility to automate the company's business processes.

  • Industry Consulting
  • Brand Interaction
  • Research
  • Website Structure development
  • Dynamic Prototype
  • Website Usability Analysis
  • UX Interaction
  • Professional Website Layout
  • Sketch Web Design
  • Chatbot for a Website
  • QA & QC Testing
  • CRM / ERP Integration
  • Payment Gateway Integration
Project Stages
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Research
  • Design
  • Implementation and Maintenance
Order Website Redesign

The content of your website sells. To be afloat, make your content stay relevant in the ever-changing world. It is critical for every company to periodically update your website design.

Your website should present your business in a positive light and establish yourself as a stable and innovative company. You should take into account changes in user preferences, build user confidence, and increase their intent satisfaction and engagement.

Top Reasons for Doing a Website Redesign

  • your current website is a bit outdated compared to the newest design trends;
  • the website is not mobile-friendly;
  • your business has changed its activity or target audience;
  • your business has added new products or services to your current offerings that need to be presented to a wide range of consumers;

  • majority of interactions with your brand do not end in conversion;
  • the website does not attract new customers;
  • you need to change and modernize your business.

Website Renovation

The Internet has wrought fundamental change throughout society, driving it forward from the industrial age to the networked era. Your website is the face of your company that convinces visitors to become customers.

Website renovation provides:

  • research and alterations in the structure of the website, online store, blog;
  • graphic design that corresponds to the website's specific features and goals;
  • boost download speed;
  • changing the management platform;
  • cross-browser compatibility;
  • mobility;
  • new opportunities;
  • removal and protection from viruses and spambots;
  • CSS.

Moving a Website to Another Host

Turning a small business into a big one as well as maintaining fast-growth over the long-term is never easy. Market conditions dictate that you must meet plenty of present-day requirements, including website ones. If yesterday it was enough to post a product description and specify a way to contact you, today you may need an online store and a company blog. Your current CMS may be too outdated to fit your needs.

Instead of building a new website from scratch, you can move the current one (with all content, design, and features) to another platform quickly and easily.

There are many options for how to transfer your website to another platform. In fact, it depends on the state of your content and design, as well as the current version of the CMS. The Coral Media team of web development has strong expertise in migrating websites. We take care of the smallest details when extracting all your website images and page structure from the current website to create the basis of a new one. Coral Media experts are pleased to offer you comprehensive migration services including:

  • selecting the best open source CMS for your industry-specific needs;
  • creating a stress-free and successful content migration plan;
  • setting up an appropriate server environment according to your hosting needs;
  • monitoring your new website and actively carrying out security updates;
  • training your workers to update and maintain a new website.

Our Services & Strategies for Website Redesign

Consumer expectations have changed in many ways over the past few years. Having your website on an outdated CMS can be limiting and even disruptive for your business. It can result in a drop in engagement and loss of sales. Website migrations are huge projects, and the Coral Media team has successfully completed hundreds of them. We have helped many companies transfer their websites to another platform and enjoy a CMS that meets their business needs.



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