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Coral media is a progressive, full service client-oriented IT company offering a wide array of digital solutions for your business – from software and website development to web design and mobile app development.

Completely customized solutions that will automate your project, save time, and enhance productivity. Get the most out of win-win cooperation with Coral media.

Quality is our top priority. One of our core values is our commitment to delivering software, website and application stability, ease of use, and future adaptability as well as meeting our customers' expectations by finding the best solutions.

Coral media Web Studio Advantages:

  • Our innovative IT solutions maximize your potential to achieve your business goals.
  • Every client matters. Our ultimate goal is to do excellent work for all clients, from a small family-run business to large corporations, from a small app to a complex system.
  • Though we are a Kharkiv-based company, we provide services and solutions across the globe.
  • We work directly with clients without intermediaries and bring their ideas to life.
  • Being a full-service company, we handle all digital aspects of the client's business – from setting a task and designing to testing the finished product and putting it into operation.
  • Our clients are guaranteed minimum risks and peace of mind by concluding a contract and transferring them all exclusive rights. Our clients are the only copyright holders.
  • We prepare technical documentation, as well as all accompanying one.
  • Our web studio provides tech support at any stage of the project life cycle, including further use.

Services We Provide

Coral media builds platforms, information systems, solutions for industry-specific needs, and custom software. Each product is a proven and specific solution to digitalize and optimize well-defined business processes.

  • Our services include technology consulting, corporate identity development, prototyping, website and app design, mobile app icon sets. Our web studio pays great attention to UX / UI design that plays a key role in the success of any app.
  • Web development. It involves the process of building diverse types of websites for companies, online stores, and portals. Besides, our powerful team develops web applications, MVP and start-ups, websites based on various CMS platforms and redesigns websites to give clients the most value for their investment. Creating a brilliant website is paramount to succeeding in the digital world.
  • Software development. The most talented developers work in our software development center, who apply their skills and expertise to create corporate apps, Desktop and SaaS applications from scratch, as well as other custom software, including Agile software development. We offer e-commerce software solutions, IoT development, testing, QA, and tech support.
  • Mobile app development. We pride ourselves with a team of mobile app developers that are up to date on trends in creating responsive and mobile websites, web applications, various Android and iOS apps – from entertainment and auxiliary to full-fledged business products and communication environments.
  • IT Consulting. It implies advisory services and providing clients with best practices for using IT solutions, development, marketing strategies, and project support.

Coverage across all industry segments.

Coral media provides top on-demand IT solutions that every business needs. We offer cost-effective strategies for:

  • Automotive industry
  • Employment agencies
  • Real estate agents and brokers
  • Medical and Healthcare institutions
  • Technology sector
  • Educational and Training institutions
  • Fuel and Energy complex
  • Banking and Finance
  • Tertiary sector
  • Travel and Tourism industry
  • Logistics
  • Media and Entertainment industry
  • Public sector
  • Legal sector
  • Social sector
  • Manufacturing
  • Purchasing
  • Life style
  • Retail and e-commerce
  • Transport industry
  • Government institutions
  • Marketing
  • Sports
  • Business
  • Health and Fitness

Keeping up with the fast pace of technological change is no longer difficult with Coral media!

About Us

Coral media is a web studio based in Kharkiv. It is a structural unit of a large holding company that has offices in other cities of Ukrainen Federation. We invite you to become familiar with our team of top specialists responsible for delivering your premium software and design.

We work 24/7, all year round. Constant monitoring, study, analysis, and application of the most relevant and progressive methods, techniques, and programming languages are the distinctive features of Coral media.

Why us?

Our customers choose us because of

  • over 10 years of web development and design experience
  • over 100 completed projects
  • 28 areas of digital activities and services

Coral media is an expert in IT consulting. It is the best web studio in Ukraine and a reliable digital transformation partner focused on achieving the client's business goals.


Behance is a community of creative professionals (designers, illustrators, photographers, etc.) aimed at showcasing works and sharing experience. Our team is an active member of this community.

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Art Fish
It was very comfortable to cooperate with the company “Coral media”. After development of the site structure, a step-by-step discussion of each component was carried out. Work on The project was carried out taking into account all the nuances and wishes. The result pleased - we appreciated website design and ease of use. I can say with confidence that the company fulfills all the conditions of the contract and takes a responsible approach to case.
Advertising agency
I have addressed to 'Coral media' for the first time for creating a personal area for my advertising agency 'Together'. Since that time I have been maintaining cooperation and never could blame the agency in unprofessional or inadequate work. Special delight is creative approach and organization in development, proved offers of some or other actions. Personal area came exactly the one Ihave imagined, even better. 'Coral media' team has created a design that prefectly fit to the existed one. I was pleasently surprised by short realization time and also personal area functionality. Due to it the work with customers and order processing became more effective. I have addressed to the team regarding severl new projects and plan to continue cooperation in the future.
Tinting company
In "Coral media" we ordered the production of a website, to increase the level company brand. The team completed the development on time. Wishes regarding the design and structure of the site were fulfilled. Contact with developers maintained throughout the project. The site turned out the way it was originally intended. Wish success and prosperity to the team!
Jinn Map
Mobile app
We turned to Coral media with a clear task: to develop a convenient, multifunctional mobile application for the provision of express services. And the development team did a great job with it. All corrections and comments were carried out within the stipulated time. We thank the “Coral media” team for the work done, as well as for helping to achieve our business goals!
Lucky famille
Dating website
We would like to express thanks to'Coral media' design team for hight quality and efficient development of our project. Most notably we liked that the team gave ear to all our requests, but in the same time offered useful recomendations for site improvement. As a result we have received high quality, convenient, functional site with beautiful design. This is our first project of such scale, but we are sure in future work with 'Coral media'. We always could address with questions about the site and get proffesional responses. All project works have been done within firmly specified terms and without any delays. This allowed us to start the site in a scheduled time. In general, we can recommend the work with these guyse and wish them further growth and prosperity.
Mobile app
Polina Egorova: Great app! Just what I was looking for. And then the eternal problem is to replenish the phone account ... And here everything is fast and convenient! WoT warrior: Cool app! A very useful application, you can easily and quickly top up your mobile phone. I advise everyone. The author is cool Victoria Kovalchuk: Just such an application I was looking for! Easy to use, everything works like clockwork. The interface is intuitive. Developers RESPECT!
01 More than 7 Years of Experience in the IT Industry

We have long-term practice in implementing high-tech solutions and delivering amazing customer experiences for both local and global clients. Our big corporate clients get all the attention they need.

02 Customer-First Policy

Best is the standard for quality at Coral media. Our experienced professionals always listen to customers and provide what they want since customer feedback paves the road to success. We can find a suitable solution for every single project.

03 Transparency in Customer Relationship

We strongly believe that transparency fosters trust as well as creates great products that really work. We define project iteration paths and provide a detailed progress report at each stage.

04 Transferring Exclusive Rights

We provide a full package of legal documents and transfer exclusive rights in full to customers.

05 Delivering Projects on Time

We manage schedules and resources and prioritize projects to hit deadlines.

06 Technical Support

We offer multi-tiered tech support, both during the software development life cycle and afterward.


+38(057) 761 — 57 — 20


Otakara Yarosha, st., 9A