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UX/UI design is all about creating interfaces that users can interact with. UX/UI design provides a set of graphical and functional components that lead the user to target action.

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Tasks of a Website Usability Specialist
01 Website Architecture

He is in charge of developing the product structure, distributing its components by areas of responsibility, and providing Accessibility Controls options (buttons, scroll bars, tabs).

02 Graphic Design

He is responsible for colors, graphics, and composition since rich, eye-catching colors and organization of stuff attract people by shouting and demanding their attention and stay in memory much longer.

03 Clear text

A simple yet comprehensive and competent textual presentation (the optimum amount of text without information overload) ensures that the text will be read and understood.

04 Interface Responsiveness

Responses to hovering the cursor, clicking a button, informational messages, and tips make communication between a person and a website more pleasant and understandable.

UX / UI Design

UX/UI Design Development – Essence of Technology

Every day, hundreds of company's clients come into contact with digital services. Thus, UX design is focused on creating a user-friendly and intuitive interface that needs to feature responsive design as well. The key task of a website usability specialist is to create a step-by-step interface that literally leads the user to take the desired action: purchasing, ordering, contacting, etc. In this regard, user experience and behavior have for long the focal point of numerous UX/UI research. The user experience is impacted by the following aspects:

  • Website architecture;
  • Graphic design;
  • Clear text;
  • Client-responsive interface.

To evaluate it, a UX designer performs behavior prototyping and tests. Based on the received data, he builds the website interface.

Primarily, UI design is aimed at increasing a brand's attractiveness, stimulating customer interest, and brand loyalty. However, the functional aspects are also important. Functionality is mainly about the graphic component, but it can concern sound effects as well.

UI design is the visualization of the pattern created on the basis of the target audience analysis and its experience as a user. At this stage, website design involves working on the graphic components of the product:

  • animations;
  • images;
  • buttons;
  • menu;
  • sliders;
  • photos;
  • fonts;
  • color scheme.

Besides, UI specialist evaluates the placement of items, the usability of buttons and forms, the correct operation of the menu, and the readability of the text as they have a massive impact on how easily people can interact with a website.

UI/UX Design Features

These are eight requirements a qualified UI/UX designer need to complete:

  1. Accuracy. There should be no ambiguity; content and structure should lead to the goal.
  2. Brevity. Remember that brevity is a soul of wit. There should be no tip and animation overload. Minimum steps should lead to the target action.
  3. Recognition. Every detail required to complete the target action should be easily recognized, even by a user who visits the website for the first time. That is why the interface is made with a clear focus on the desired element, which is intuitively understandable.
  4. User-friendliness. The product should quickly respond to a user action by means of notifications, text, icons, and animation.
  5. Consistency. All website components from menus to sliders on each webpage and screen should work and respond in the same way.
  6. Aesthetics. Motivate customers to come to your website again and again by visual appeal. Avoid elements that might annoy and distract your audience.
  7. Effectiveness. The competent website design should save users time and deliver to the desired result with their little effort.
  8. Mindfulness. Even a well-thought-out interface does not guarantee error-free operation on the user's part. If something goes wrong, the system should let him know by sending notifications.

UI/UX Design by Coral media Experts

We are sure that digital products with a good user interface will give you a competitive edge in a constantly growing business world. Coral media designers have the talent and vast experience in building user interfaces. They always focus on the most important issues of the future product:

  • ease of use
  • absence of breaks when guiding the user to the goal;
  • visual stimulation;
  • best offers only;
  • ease of navigation.

The best way to get a friendly, high-quality, and recognizable interface is to order a UI/ UX design at Coral media. We have more than 10 years of experience in building websites and applications. Deep expertise and creative minds, experience, and the use of innovative solutions turn ideas into competitive and powerful projects. Call us for further details and to order attractive and effective UI/ UX design.



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