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Since the best businesses are always looking for ways to improve, a website is a great tool to take your business to a new level and to fuel its growth and expansion. Developing a website is critical to the success of start-ups and mature companies. Don't hesitate to contact Coral media to order the creation and promotion of your websites in Kharkiv and throughout Ukraine. Each project is implemented in the shortest possible time by a team of high-level experts and specialists based on a single technical task to impress and engage new customers.

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Website Development
01 Data Collection

Client Assessment and Writing the Brief.
Gathering Data on the Business, Project Requirements, Goals, etc.

02 Marketing & Prototyping

Marketing Analysis and Writing Technical Specifications. A tech spec demonstrates the team members what problem you're solving: the particular messages and value a client tries to convey for designers, semantic SEO for SEO analysts, functions, features, and technologies for programmers, project requirements and goals, and how Coral media experts plan to achieve them.

03 Web Design & Development

Web Design.
Website Layout, Front-End and Back-End Development.

04 Moving to Hosting & Support

Transfer to Hosting, Testing, and Launching.
Technical Support.

Project Stages
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Research
  • Design
  • Implementation & Maintenance
Website Building

Creating websites: each option is an efficient solution for your business

Fully tailored website development starts with selecting the type of website you need.

  • Landing Page. Unlike complex websites that typically have many goals and encourage exploration, a landing page is designed with a single focus, known as a call to action. It is aimed at attracting visitors and making them your customers, as well as at increasing the conversion rates of your product or services. It is capable of bringing up to 45% conversion. In other words, 45 out of 100 visitors will actually do what you want them to do. Landing pages are perfect for selling exclusive offers, promotional and advertising campaigns. The cost of creating a landing page is quite affordable. It can be used as a full-fledged product or as an addition to a corporate website.
  • Corporate Website. The corporate website is extremely important in the business world, especially when it's combined with the right Internet marketing strategy. A custom-made website serves to bring new customers, create, maintain, and strengthen the company's image, build trust between the clients and the company's brand. To cut it short, the key purpose of any corporate website is to convert leads to sales. Corporate website creation is quite a complicated and time-taking process, since websites should be multi-level, convenient for clients, contain information about the company, focus on providing corporate communication, as well as diverse types of commodity and cash accounting. Remember, such a resource is a component of your marketing strategy. It is used for sales and brand positioning as a market leader by a professional presentation of its advantages.
  • Online Store. Building web sites of this type is necessary for a successful online store running and selling a huge amount of goods and services online. As a rule, online stores are stylish, yet with a touch of minimalism. They have convenient navigation and a well-thought-out structure. Coral media experts know that a cool user interface is crucial in the sense that it makes it easier for your customers to visit, see, and order. You can order a website with standard (order form, shopping cart, and online support) or unique functions (for example, a currency converter, a thematic calculator, payment system links, etc.). It's safe to say, the development and creation of an online store are increasingly important for a business's success.
  • Business Card Website. Usually, it looks like a one-page website, containing information about the company and its services or products. At the same time, it should intrigue a new visitor to check out the company's products or services in more detail. The business card website is suitable for startups looking to take their place in the market. In the future, it can be turned into a corporate website.
  • Showcase Website (Catalogue). It looks like an online store, but without the possibility to place an online order. It is a chance to prove brand value to customers or showcase the company's goods. Besides, it is useful for business selling products and services overseas in foreign currency, since the goods price is constantly changing. The creation of a showcase website implies the feedback form to increase the efficiency of the company, and provide more a valuable service.

The choice of the website type the process of its development is strictly individual. The specific objectives of the business, the client's goals, and desires are our inspirations and solutions.

Stages and cost of website creation at Coral media

It is worth highlighting the main stages of website development:

  1. Acquaintance with the client and writing the brief.
  2. Gathering data on the business, project requirements, goals, etc.
  3. Marketing analysis and preparing technical specifications. A tech spec demonstrates the team members what problem you're solving: the particular messages and value a client tries to convey for designers, semantic SEO for SEO analysts, functions, features, and technologies for programmers, project requirements and goals, and how Coral media experts plan to achieve them.
  4. Prototyping. At this stage, the experts identify possible errors, while the customer can revise the initial requirements.
  5. Web design development
  6. Website layout, front-end and back-end development.
  7. Moving to hosting, testing, and launching.
  8. Technical support.

One of the first questions clients ask: How much does a website building really cost?

The cost of creating a websitein Kharkiv and Kyiv, Lviv at Coral media agency depends entirely on your personal budget and goals, type of the project, complexity of tech specification, the diversity and number of experts involved, content volume, etc. The cost is calculated after analyzing business data and the task.

Contact us to a website from scratch. Coral media team will provide you with a product to meet your expectations and needs, to strengthen your business and make it more profitable.



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